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Commitment of Safety

Southeastern Industrial Painting & Supply, Inc. (SIPS, Inc.) has a reputation for professionalism that has been earned by the dedicated efforts of all our employees.  Part of that professionalism has been the adherence to our safe practices. 

SIPS, Inc. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our employees, customers and visitors.  It is our policy to meet or exceed all OSHA standards that apply to our job sites or corporate locations, including but not limited to Hazard Communication, Confined Space (where applicable) and Required PPE.  We firmly believe no assignment is so important and no deadline so crucial that we cannot take the time to do the job safely.  Therefore, each job site is surveyed at the beginning of the job in order to find and eliminate possible hazards and to prepare each employee for the particular hazards of the site.

SIPS, Inc. management believes safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Employee involvement in our health and safety program is only successful if everyone receives sufficient training to understand their health and safety responsibilities and how to fulfill them.  SIPS, Inc. works with all of our employees to achieve the ultimate in job safety and proficiency through training.  Each member of our team has the appropriate training and skills to ensure a safe and health work environment.

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